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what if, at the end of it all, there is nothing?

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Visual Kei in 3 words.

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a selection of photographs from david hall’s beneath cold seas, taken in the waters off british columbia. through state of the art photographic equipment and innovative techniques, david successfully challenges the widespread belief that cold water marine life is dull and uninteresting.

with temperatures that typically stay about ten degrees above freezing all year long, strong tidal currents, and the limited visibility that comes with cold water - green hues and increased particulate matter - david uses a strobe to captures warmer colours and gets withing ten feet (versus one hundred feet in tropical waters) of his subject. 

photos, in order, of a moon jellyfish, a cross jellyfish, a lion’s mane jellyfish, an opalescent nudibranch with colonial tunicates, a lion’s mane jellyfish, a giant pacific octopus, a northern kelp crab, and sockeye salmon